7 Things to Know Before Hiring a Resume Writer


Check these little-known facts before you hire someone to write resume

Resume writing is stressful. And since it’s the most important document in your job search, the importance attached to writing adds up to this stress. Under these circumstances, many job-seekers find a professional resume writer who could execute this task for them. However, a debate about the helpfulness of hiring professional resume services NYC doesn’t stop.

“Do resume writing services work?” you might ask. A resume maker can give you a head start over other job-seekers. However, the outcome depends on choosing the right service provider and keeping your expectations realistic. If you are considering hiring a certified resume writer, learn the facts below first. This information will help you understand whether you need help at all and how to get the most out of collaboration with the writer.

How to hire a professional resume writer?

Since you are here, we assume that you need a strong resume that would maximize your chances for quality interviews. That’s what our team specializes in. The team of specializes in writing custom resumes that surpass your expectations. Your writer will work on content, design and keywording until you are satisfied with the finished product. Contact us via chat to receive a consultation.

Things to know before hiring a writer

Working with a resume writer is surrounded by myths. Some say it’s not legit to hire someone to write my resume whereas the others see it as a cure to all career problems. Let’s take a look at the facts:

1. Resume writing should come with guarantees

Before you hire a resume consultant, ask them what sorts of guarantees they provide. The internet has made it possible for everyone to create a website and offer services of any kind. Thus, you want guarantees that you’ll receive a decent quality of writing and service for your money. Do they offer revisions and updates to the written document? Do they guarantee to return your money if something goes wrong? Stay away from the writers who refuse to provide any sort of guarantees.

2. A resume writer cannot guarantee you a job

They cannot guarantee you an interview as well. A resume writer is not responsible for the screening and hiring process, therefore, such promises indicate nothing but the fact you’re dealing with a scam. No reputable writer will promise you something they cannot deliver. It’s true that professional resumes bring more responses from recruiters. Professional resume writers know how to make your resume compelling and display your candidacy as a perfect fit for a job. Yet, no good writer will promise you a job since it doesn’t depend on them.
If you find it hard to land interviews, this is probably because of resume mistakes you are making. Check out the most popular ones and how to fix them:

3. Resume writing is a two-way process

Although the resume writer does the majority of work for you, no good resume can be created without your participation in the process. Firstly, most writers will ask you to attach an old resume and fill out the questionnaire before they can start working. Secondly, you’ll need to pass an interview or stay in touch with the writer in case they need more information from you. In our company, all collaboration with the writer goes through the messaging system – it’s more convenient than long phone conversations. All in all, the more you reflect on your career history and the more details you provide to the writer, the better resume you can expect.
Preparing for your next interview? Ace it with professional advice:

4. Choose a service provider carefully

Like with any other services, a lot depends on the writer you choose and their professionalism. On the internet, the chances are equally good to get an excellent resume and a crappy one. So, don’t just stick with whatever website you’ve found online if you want to get professional help with resume. Examine their website, view samples, check out the testimonials. Look for online reviews and feedback from previous clients. Take a look at their professional social media, if any. After all, your career depends on the new resume, so be selective.

5. Look for fair and transparent prices

Many job-seekers wonder “How much should I pay for resume?” In fact, there isn’t a universal answer as each company sets prices based on variety of factors. Most companies will charge you between $100 and $350 per package, and it’s possible to get a high-quality resume within this price range. Beware of services promising to get your resume done at $50 or less. It often means that an inexperienced writer or a third-world freelancer will be doing the writing. At the same time, if you’re not a CEO, there’s no reason to pay an extravagant $800 for a single resume.
Another important factor is the transparency of pricing. Reputable companies typically have their charges clearly advertised – take a look at our price list for resume writing. If the company doesn’t show you prices in advance, it’s a warning sign.

6. Make it clear with the timing

The turnaround time is important when you pay for resume help. Oftentimes, some writers will require between two and three weeks to complete your package. Meanwhile, the companies will fill the job openings that you have in mind. In fact, long turnaround times are not bad, unless you’re in a hurry and urgently need a new job. If the latter is your case, consider working with the company that offers a fast turnaround. For instance, our company can prepare your resume in less than 5 business days. We often work with clients who need to hand in their resumes very urgently and will even refund your money if we fail to deliver on time.

7. Take a look at their blog

The blog is not an essential component of a resume writing company, but many writers have them. In fact, a business blog gives you a few clear signs. Firstly, their writers are qualified enough to share practical advice with prospective clients. Secondly, the company is successful enough to compensate for time-consuming blog writing. And finally, a good resume writer’s blog can provide you with a plenty of helpful insights. For instance, in our blog you can find tips on coping with career crisis and learn how to take initiative at work.

40% of hiring managers will spend less than a minute reading your resume. Under these circumstances, the value of professional resume writers and their knowledge is indispensable. Follow the above principles to have realistic expectations from the writer and get a resume that lets you shine on paper.

Is professional resume writing worth it for you?

A professional resume is usually a huge help for the vast majority of job-seekers. However, it’s necessary to consider your career situation. Before reaching out to the writer, ask yourself these questions to determine if you need help at all:

  • Are you qualified for the job? A resume writer can market you attractively on a resume and give your skills more exposure. Yet, no writer can show that you’re qualified for a senior marketer role if you’ve only worked as a junior marketer before. The only way to do it is to lie on your resume, and a reputable writer won’t be using this tactic.
  • Is your career situation tricky? Did you have a long employment gap, job-hopping issues or are you changing the industry? In this case, working with a resume consultant is a huge help. Most job-seekers fail to address these issues properly on a resume and don’t get considered by employers. A professional writer will help draw attention away from these setbacks.
  • Are you a good writer? Resume writing can’t be narrowed down to writing only, yet strong writing skills are essential to produce a good document. If you got excellent grades for essays while in college, give it a shot and try to compose a resume on your own. Otherwise, it’s better to hire CV writer than to let weak writing skills sabotage your job search.
  • Are you getting suspiciously little interviews for the jobs you’re qualified for? This is the #1 recommendation for hiring a writer. It means that your resume is full of mistakes, is not detailed enough or poorly ATS-optimized. A resume creator will fix the problem and create a new, effective resume.

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