Resume Critique: Signs That Your Resume Is Not Working


Landing an employment in a today’s tough market is a challenge; and the resume’s job is to ease this thorny path for you. Not every resume does its job well, though. Sometimes, it’s your resume that prevents you from getting interviewed for the desired positions and holds back the entire job-hunting process. Below, you’ll see the clear signs that your resume doesn’t work.Hire a professional to critique resume for youApplying for jobs for weeks or even months ...Continue reading

Why You Need a Custom Resume (And How to Create It)


So, here’s the situation: you’ve invested a decent amount of time into a resume, sent it to every employer you seemed to be a good match for, but still no responses. Sounds familiar? If it does, then you probably neglected a very important step in the resume writing process – the customization. Why your resume should never look the same as you apply for a different position and how to customize it? Read below to find out.Get your resume customized by a professional resume ...Continue reading

Say No to Long Hours and Order Resume


Does your boss constantly ask you to work late hours? Many companies experience tight deadlines and high seasons, but if you are forced to work more than 50 hours a week, it hurts you in the long run. Not only your productivity drops and work-life balance suffers, but also your well-being and physical health are affected. So, how do you break the circle and stop working late hours every day?Order resume and move forward in your careerWorking late nights every day has little to do with ...Continue reading

Top Ridiculous Resume Mistakes My Resume Editor Can Fix


If you aren’t new to resume writing, you already know what kinds of resume mistakes are better to avoid. Experienced job-seekers know that making a resume longer than 3 pages, not fixing grammar and punctuation errors or including personal information can minimize their chance for an interview. However, some resume mistakes make a particularly negative impression on hiring managers and literally drive them crazy! Today, we are going to consider the oddest and most ridiculous resume ...Continue reading

Find a New Job ASAP: Tips From Resume Company


Landing a new employment is always time-consuming. As the practice shows, it may take 1-3 months to land a new job if you’re a professional and up to 6 months if you’re a C-level manager. But what if you don’t have this time? Career experts highlight that it’s possible to land a new employment in a matter of weeks or even days – but for that, you’ll need to put a lot of effort into your job-hunting.Hire a resume company to find a job fasterWhat are the ...Continue reading

How to Create my Resume With No Work Experience?


Putting your resume together is a manageable task when you have a solid work experience. However, if you’re a high school or university graduate who hasn’t worked a day before, creating an application document might seem a real challenge. What to put on your resume when there’s nothing to include into it except your college or university degree? And given the strong competition, how to make my CV in a way that will set you apart from your peers? Writing my resume with no ...Continue reading

Stress Shall Not Pass or Effective Stress Management at Work


Tight deadlines, heavy workloads and unbearable boss – all of these routine work factors invisibly contribute to our workplace stress. According to the reports, over 8 millions of Americans experience serious psychological stress, and this number continues to grow. The problem of stress in the office cannot be ignored, as it leads to professional burnout, behavioral problems and health issues.However, if you experience serious stress, don’t hurry up to write my CV and quit that ...Continue reading

How to Work with People You Really Hate


Our coworkers are rarely the most pleasant people in the world. Personalities clash, the working styles vary, leading to inevitable arguments and conflicts in the workplace. For most of us, good relationships with colleagues are the important component of work satisfaction. However, what if you don’t see eye to eye with your boss, subordinate or coworker? Or, what if you have to work closely with someone you really hate?The quality of workplace interactions affects us more than we ...Continue reading

Where to Buy Resume That Will Work?


A good resume is your advertisement and an elevator pitch. Rather than throwing light on your detailed career history, it emphasizes the skills, credentials and accomplishments for the role you’re planning to obtain. At a very first sight, the recruiter or a hiring manager can clearly see how you relate to the position and what you can bring to the table if hired. Is your resume like this? If it isn’t, you might be missing out a lot of opportunities.If writing your own resume ...Continue reading

How to Stop Annoying Your Colleagues


Working environment in the office affects us more than we are used to thinking. Corporate culture, your relationships with colleagues and the way people around you approach the working process often predetermine our everyday job satisfaction and sometimes even career progression. Some companies are even willing to train you the unspoken rules of office etiquette to make an open-space life more convenient for everyone.However, not everything depends on the corporate culture. Quite often, we ...Continue reading

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