Reasons Not To Use LinkedIn


LinkedIn social network has 756 million users worldwide. 87% of recruiters use it on a regular basis, and the number of jobs adverstised accounts for 14 million. With this data in mind, everyone should start using LinkedIn in their job search, right? Not exactly. Many professionals avoid using LinkedIn social media at all, opting for in-person networking and traditional ways of looking for a job. In today's article, we'll consider the cons of having a LinkedIn account and decide on whether LinkedIn is that essential for your career.

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7 reasons to avoid using LinkedIn

Your data belongs to LinkedIn

Everything you publish in your personal page belongs to LinkedIn and Microsoft corporation that owns this social media. Your career information, contacts, and even posts you create and publish are owned by the corporation. Despite privacy settings allow hiding some sections from people who aren't in your network, you still don't have 100% control over who can view your career history and how this information is used. And, since using your profile is free, it means that you're the product, not the customer. Some people are okay with it, but if you are careful about what you share with colleagues, let alone strangers, the privacy issue can be quite intimidating.

Pages are structured, and the structure cannot be changed

Many professionals see LinkedIn page as a sort of their personal site and build their online presence here. However, you may have noticed that your profile has a very rigid structure. All sections go in a fixed order - "About", "Articles and Activity", "Experience" and more - and this order cannot be changed. If you open 10 profiles of other members in your industry, chances are they will look pretty much the same. In other words, LinkedIn doesn't allow you much space to organize the entire story of your life in a creative way and puts you in the same unified framework.

LinkedIn promotes comparison culture

Human beings tend to compare themselves to peers. The element of comparision and competition exists in every social media such as Facebook, and LinkedIn is no exception. If you use it regularly and have a large network you'll inevitably receive updates that some of your connections got promoted, attended a prestigious conference or got a job with dream company. When your career has not the best times, such news can cause deep frustration and a sense of self-doubt. Such an unwanted exposure to the 'vanity fair' of your business connections and friends may discourage from using LinkedIn whatsoever.

Not everyone feel comfortable "reaching out"

Have you read networking tips and guides for using LinkedIn platform? Many of such articles recommend that you expand the number of connections, follow companies and reach out to recruiters and target employers to wonder about job openings. While this may be a viable strategy in general, it misses one critical point. Not every professional will feel comfortable trying to connect with a recruiter or employer, bombarding them with messages with a low response rate and still feel confident. If aggressive networking isn't your thing, it's okay to opt for traditional methods of job application and skip LinkedIn networking and efforts to "stand out".

The best features are paid

LinkedIn has a paid Premium option that costs $29.99 per month. With a paid subscription, you can browse profile data of other users privately, compare yourself to other candidates for the position, and get access to any LinkedIn learning course. So, what is not okay here? First, LinkedIn encourages you to fill out your account completely, including past experience, interests and skills. At the same time, they show people who have a premium account as "Featured applicants". Secondly, the subscription fee may be high for students as well as for many people overseas where the standards of living are lower.

You need to post regularly and keep the profile current

The whole point of social media is to stay active on the site. LinkedIn profile is no exception. You should regularly update it with posts, re-posts, news from your professional life, and leave comments. Recruiters often pay attention not only to profile data, but also to how often you share stories and updates. In fact, it's similar to you Facebook account, with one exception that it's dedicated to your professional life entirely. Again, you might not want to spend your time showing off your professional life, and that's okay. It's better to spend your free time on social media that is fun and amusing, isn't it?

Your target employers may not use LinkedIn

Statistics show that Fortune 500 companies love LinkedIn. However, the situation isn't the same for different industries and age groups. Small businesses may not use LinkedIn for hiring at all, and the popularity of LinkedIn varies depending on the economy sectors. Say, private sector government jobs are advertised on a different platforms and every candidate uses that platform to apply. Similarly, some data shows that Millennials and Gen Z job-seekers aren't active users of LinkedIn. This statements proves once again that LinkedIn may not be the best option for everyone.

So, what is the solution?

Long story short, LinkedIn isn't the primary tool for job search and application. It's just one of the tools which can be quite helpful if you know how to use it right. If, for some reasons, you don't feel comfortable sharing your private data or spending time maintaining your profile, you can opt for in-person networking. You can apply with a traditional resume, using it as a marketing tool to describe all strengths, qualifications and areas of expertise.

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What are the alternatives to having a LinkedIn profile?

Years ago, people managed to look for jobs and build careers without LinkedIn. If you don't feel like using this site, consider the following alternatives:

• Set up a personal site. You can use the website to inform potential employers or clients about your skills, publish samples of work or start a business blog.

• Create an infographic resume. Visual resumes are a great way to stand out when you apply for digital or creative positions. You can publish such a resume on any social media or your personal website.

• Apply for jobs via job boards and corporate websites. LinkedIn isn't the only site in the world where you can browse job openings. Check the job boards, corporate websites or contact the hiring managers directly.

• Create a traditional resume. Having a classic resume is a must for job application as most employers expect to receive this type of document (even when you apply through LinkedIn!).

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