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As a job-seeker, you know that landing a new employment is always a challenge. If you have the right skill set, relevant professional experience and a good professional reputation but struggle getting interviews, the problem might be with your primary self-presentation document – your resume.

A poorly written resume can close potential opportunities for you, whereas a quality one gives you a green light and helps you to be perceived as a fit by potential employers. Do you write your resume based on the Internet advice, apply for dozens of jobs but only get little to no responses? Maybe, you struggle figuring out which qualifications you should showcase in the first place? Or, you’ve rewritten your old resume but still feel that something is missing? If the question how to write a CV for the job is still unresolved for you, consider getting some help from a professional.

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At Resumeperk, we believe that the best resumes are created through the collaboration with the writer who specializes in your industry. As soon as you make an order, you are matched with the best available writer who accesses your background and asks additional questions to produce the quality resume that reflects your career goals and expectations. We offer direct communication with your writer, so you are welcome to discuss your project and provide any additional detail which can make your resume better. 

Also, unlike most of the resume companies, we offer rush delivery service – your resume can be created for you in 24 hours only without compromising the quality. It was proven that those who apply within the first week since the job was posted have higher chances of getting an interview call and an offer eventually. Check out the full list of services we offer to choose the package that fits you better.

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How to improve your professional self-esteem?

The job-hunting process itself is connected with a lot of doubts and insecurity. You don’t know how long it will take you to land a new employment, you’re not sure if the hiring manager likes you during an interview. Meanwhile, it’s your self-esteem that determines the kind of positions you’ll be applying for and the job you’ll end up accepting eventually.

If you feel discouraged and insecure, follow these tips to boost your confidence:

  1. Get a resume done by a top resume writer. Of course, a resume isn’t everything and no good resume can ensure that you’ll land the job of your dreams. Nevertheless, a resume done by professional resume writers will present you better on paper and make you think “Yes, I am that good at my job”. A good resume will help you look at your experience from different perspective and concentrate on your strengths. As a result, you’ll get a confidence boost during the job application and interview preparation stages.
  2. Learn how to deal with disapproval and criticism. The job-seeking process can take months and, of course, you’ll have to face the rejections and negative feedback during this period. It’s imperial that you don’t take it personally and don’t allow it to affect your self-esteem. The self-esteem of confident people doesn’t depend on how others evaluate them as they are objective about their own strengths and weaknesses. As a result, they cope with rejections and criticism better.
    Moreover, the sole fact of rejection your candidacy doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough for the job – as it can spawn from dozens of variables. If you feel that any disapproval or criticism in the office makes you uncomfortable, read how to deal with criticism here:
  3. Take care of your appearance and dress. It’s not a secret that the neater and more stylish we look in the mirror, the better we feel about ourselves. So, why not use this simple trick to increase your confidence?
    As you prepare for the interviews, make sure that your outfit, haircut and body language all complement to the image of the confident, in-demand professional. Make it your habit to always look neat and presentable – even if it’s your regular working day. And even if you experienced a drop of confidence, looking professionally can quickly help you to get back on track.
    Not sure how to dress appropriately for an interview? Here’s a bit of our interview style advice:
  4. Practice interviewing for perfection. Interviewing is a skill – and you get better in it through practice. If this process gives you a lot of stress and you feel that you don’t present you at your best in front of the potential employer, the only solution is to practice. Hire a career coach to teach you the effective training techniques, or simply print out the list of common interview questions from the internet and rehearse answering them with a spouse or friend. You can also watch your gestures and body language in front of the mirror to make sure that your body signals correlate with what you say and send an image of a confident person.
    If you went in for sports in college, it can add you points during an interview – check out how to play up past athletic experience in a job interview.
  5. Focus on your strengths, not weaknesses. People with low self-esteem have the habit of concentrating what they dislike about themselves. As these negative, destructive thoughts roam in their heads, it poorly affects the way they feel about themselves and act. The only way to prevent it is to consciously stop negative thoughts and replace them with positive statements. It may take a while until you get used to the new way of thinking, but as soon as you do, you’ll realize that you take the pitfalls easier and people are more willing to work with you.
    If it’s hard for you to focus on your best qualities, create a list of your past accomplishments and the traits the others admire about you. Return to this list every time you need a confidence boost.
  6. Perform as well as you can.  If you’re already on the job and feel insecure, one of the proven ways to raise your self-esteem is to become a top performer. Work as hard as you can to get the recognition of your colleagues, boss and maybe a financial reward. When others start admiring you for the specific results you achieve and your attitude towards work, you’ll definitely feel a lot more confident. Moreover, when you have professional goals and are up to your ears in work, you have less time to reflect on your negative qualities and doubt. And when any doubts are eliminated, that’s when the magic happens.
    Are you aimed at huge career success? Check out our guide for personal development at work.   
  7. Speak up during the meetings. People with low self-esteem tend to avoid speaking up during the meetings. As a result, your boss might not know the valuable ideas you might have and give you less responsibility. If you experience this too, set a goal to speak your mind at least time after time on the meetings. Avoid sharing whatever crossed your mind, though. Do your homework and come up with your own suggestions or ideas. If that sounds too stressful so far, start with asking questions and discussing the ideas of others. The more often you express your opinion, the faster you’ll get comfortable with it and the more confident you’ll grow during the meetings.
  8. Never compare yourself with your colleagues. Comparing yourself to others is a well-known confidence killer. Whether you compare the personality traits, appearance, or work attitude, you’ll end up feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. To avoid this, you need to simply admit the fact that different people have different life circumstances and differ in their life attitude, and nobody is perfect. The best coaches recommend that you only compare yourself with you in the past to understand what you’ve learnt and where you grew stronger than before. And if the comparison didn’t satisfy you, it’s a sign that you need to work at this particular area of life.
  9. Boost your professional knowledge. Working hard to get recognition and promotion can take you months, whereas increasing your knowledge can give you a confidence boost in a matter of days. Self-education is a must for career success; and you can start taking baby steps today to broaden your knowledge and feel more confident in the office. Read more books (industry-specific and business ones are a great choice), listen to podcast, take an online training course, start learning a new language – the number of options is almost limitless. Set your self-education goals and work towards them at your pace. When you manage to use your newly gained knowledge in the office to increase your productivity or resolve a complex issue, your confidence will grow.

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If you want your resume to be done by one of the top resume writing companies, you’ve come to the right place. Our experienced writers can prepare your package for submitting resume online in 1-3 days to help you land the desired job faster. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not happy with the written resume, we will revise it absolutely for free.

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