7 Types of Companies You Should Never Work For


Check out the types of organizations to stay away from

Writing a resume is only half of the success of your job search. If you want a stable and fulfilling career, you’ll also face the challenge of finding a reputable and trustworthy employer. And during the interview stage you should be evaluating the companies either to avoid ending up in a toxic environment or a dead-end job.  

Some companies will fit you better than others. Yet, there are a few company types that you should never accept an offer from if you want a progressive career and peace of mind. Even if you’re unemployed and are craving to go back to the office, stay away from these employers. Today, our professional resume creator will reveal the types of employers that should be avoided. We’ll also share the insights on how to recognize them and save your nerves.

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Company types you shouldn’t work for

You might think that there is nothing wrong about working for a company that is not so good to make some money. Yet, it’s not that simple. Working for a company with a bad reputation or a toxic culture can cost you time, nerves, and in some cases might threaten your professional reputation. Check out the main company types to stay away from:

High turnover organizations

The advertisements for the same roles are posted on their corporate website and job boards every few months. Or, you hear that the role that was filled only recently is open again. This should especially warn you if the turnaround applies to leadership roles as well.

Why not work for them: Turnaround rarely means good things. It might indicate the toxic workplace culture, unrealistic expectations, bad management or the fact that the company doesn’t keep their promises. People don’t leave good employers that let them realize their potential this quickly. And, most likely, you’ll have to job-hunt again after a few months there.

Employers with a bad reputation

You go online to check out a few reviews about the company only to come across negative comments, one-star ratings or complaints from previous employees. Or, a friend of yours who worked there warns you against applying there at all. Even if things aren’t this bad, a number of negative comments is a good reason to think twice about dealing with this employer.

Why not work for them: Multiple negative comments don’t come out of the blue. If people leave the company dissatisfied, it can mean poor internal culture or an unhealthy working environment. Company culture is imperative for your satisfaction at work and professional development, so don’t overlook this point. Look for employers that value their employees and have mostly positive comments from past workers.

Poorly looking offices

Have you ever approached a beautiful office building for an interview and then found yourself in an interior that throws you back in the 90s? Cluttered offices, outdated furniture and comfortless cubicles can get you a lot less enthusiastic about working there. That’s why it’s so important that you ask for a tour around the office during an interview. If there are dark, overlooked and cluttered offices, you want to know it early on. 

Why not work for them: The environment issue might seem minor if you’ve been unemployed for months. Yet, the surroundings affect your productivity and state of mind more than you think, and depressive interior won’t inspire you to exceed expectations. Moreover, a bad office is a subtle sign that they don’t value their employees much, which might reflect on other aspects of work as well.

Companies that don’t give you room for growth

Career consultants always talk about the importance of using initiative in workplace and building on your professional competencies. However, some companies don’t have learning and development offerings, nor they offer an opportunity to get a pay raise or a promotion. If the recruiter evades direct response to your question about development opportunities or frankly admits to the absence of thereof, it’s a warning sign.

Why not work for them: Even if the pay is good and your coworkers seem nice people, dead-end jobs aren’t the best option for your career in the long run. While performing the same set of duties, you remain on the same stage of your career while your peers learn new skills and advance their professionalism. If you aim for career advancement and higher income, such jobs are a waste of time.

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The secretive organizations

You try to navigate the company online, but don’t see any website or other in-depth information about them. The interviewer doesn’t tell you exactly what a job entails, the company goals, or the salary range. In some cases, they even don’t tell what the business specializes in. If that’s the case with you, your job interview anxiety is justified – these signs should absolutely warn you.

Why not work for them: Failure to provide you with the details directly connected to the job signals the lack of organization in the company. Maybe, the processes don’t work well, and thus the expectations might be blurred. However, there’s also a possibility that what the company is doing is not completely ethical or legal, and you want to stay away from the employers like these.

The companies making loud promises

You’ve probably faced the organizations of this kind. They promise you the world during an interview, the salary, benefits and perspectives look more than attractive. But after a few months with the company, you notice that they fail to stand by their promise. An attractive pay is cut by fines, benefits come with lots of restrictions and your promised promotions are constantly delayed.

Why not work for them: If the company doesn’t stay true to their words – the mission statement, goals, and the promises to their employers – their perspectives in the long run aren’t bright. False promises lead to a bad reputation. Moreover, no employees will want to stick with the company that doesn’t give the opportunities and benefits they’ve promised. If you happen to get stuck with an employer like this, here’s our guide to quitting your job professionally:

Companies with no clear direction

The company looks good and promising during an interview. Yet, when you ask about their long-term goals or strategic plan, the interviewer fails to give you a clear answer. They might give you a brief, generic response or none at all. This may indicate the weak leadership or turnaround in executive roles, instability in the organization and lack of positive perspectives.

Why not work for them: When the company lacks a major strategy and goals, it can’t help but reflect on all employees. You might face the unrealistic or ever-changing expectations from senior management. Moreover, it’s frustrating to work with no specific purpose ahead. And, most importantly, if the company’s situation is shaky, you might find yourself job-hunting again quite soon.

To sum up, all the above companies have one thing in common. They are unlikely to give their employees a competitive package, room for professional growth and job security. And because of that, you might find yourself job-hunting again sooner than you expect. Moreover, you might find yourself in a toxic culture which will stress you even more. So, be picky about the employers you work for.

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