Why hire a professional writer to do resume online?


Hire a professional writer to get a job fast

Professional resume writing services grow more and more popular among the specialists across all industries. Students, professionals, and top managers realize that a good resume gives them more chances to get hired fast. What professional writers know about resumes that you probably don’t, and when hiring an expert is really helpful – read below.

Why hiring a writer to do resume online is good for your career?

At, we’ve seen hundreds of good, average and below average resumes that our clients sent us for improvement. Creating a strong resume instead of a mediocre or poor one provided by the client takes time, effort and expertise. Our CV writing company staffs only experienced resume writers who are capable of creating resumes that distinguish you from other applicants. And, as the statistic shows, professionally written resumes generate more interview calls.

Pay to get resume done online: why professional writers really help?

Any professional resume service (including us) can’t guarantee you an employment. If someone does, it means they are a scam. However, thanks to the experience with resumes of all kinds and understanding of how the modern recruitment process works, professional resumes typically bring a lot more responses. This is happening because of the following qualifications the pro writers have:

They are good writers

Let’s admit it – not all of us are naturally good writers. Accountants, office managers or logistic supervisors can build a great career without strong writing skills. Nevertheless, when it comes to composing a resume, business writing is the #1 skill you’ll need to get your application noticed. Recruiters are tired of wordy sentences and lengthy, stylistically incorrect writing. The hard truth is 59% of recruiters reject resumes because of poor grammar and spelling. They are more likely to attend to clear, concise, easy-to-read application and give it more consideration.

They are good with formats

If you aren’t new to resume writing, you know that there are three main resume formats: chronological, functional, and combination. Although learning how to write them is no rocket science, figuring out when it’s the best time to use each one can be tough. For example, using a functional format when it’s not appropriate can actually minimize your chances for an interview! Experienced writers know when every resume format works best. Moreover, they modify the existing formats in a way that allows to show the best of you.
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They don’t tolerate buzzwords

Majority of resumes are stuffed with so-called buzzwords – cliché statements which are not supported by facts. You can even try and check if your resume has one of the following words:

  1. Team player
  2. Hard-working
  3. Professional
  4. Result-oriented
  5. Creative
  6. Responsible for
  7. Work well under pressure

Hiring managers don’t want clichés – instead, they want measurable results and proof that you are good at that skill you claim you have. Good resume writer will spot and remove meaningless words and phrases, putting your tangible experiences in focus.

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They use the power of action verbs

Starting the resume statement with strong action verbs is now considered ‘a golden standard’ of resume writing. When descriptions of your experiences and achievements start with words like Incorporated, Facilitated and Restructured, it makes a stronger impact on the reader than if you were to say Managed or Was responsible for. Moreover, action verbs add weight to what you are saying as well. Here are lots of examples of action verbs for your resume:

They leverage social media power

LinkedIn cannot be ignored since it’s a powerful job-hunting tool. If your profile is half-empty or is copied and pasted from your old resume, you might be missing on opportunities that recruiters offer online. A professional resume writer can fill out your profile and make you more visible in search results.

They know the importance of great design

Your resume won’t have a second chance to make a first impression. It needs to be formatted and designed professionally yet be different from dozens of other resumes. To make the design really work for you, professional writers not only format the document but also prioritize the content to put your key accomplishments into light using design elements. As a result, the resume naturally brags your key qualifications and accomplishments.

Custom resume writing services work wonders on other job-hunting documents, too

A single resume is rarely enough for an effective job search. You’ll also need a cover letter and a thank you note after the interview. Reputable resume companies typically offer all job-hunting documents in a bunch to get you 100% prepared. Cover letter is of high importance since it determines whether your resume gets read or not. Expert writers can make that letter attention-grabbing and really winning

Do you need expert assistance of the best people who do resumes?

So, if you’ve come to a conclusion that you need to find a job faster and want a professional resume to help you with that, you’re in the right place. Experienced writers of Resumeperk com can prepare a full range of application documents for you, from a resume and curriculum vitae to less known thank you note and interview tips. In either way, we’ll do what is in our power to create a compelling resume for you.

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