Myths About Resumes, Busted by Creative Resume Writers


Resume myths exposed by resume writersWriting a resume is not rocket science, yet just a few job-seekers manage to create a resume that sells them well. Neglecting the importance of a resume strategy, creating a lifelong career history rather than marketing the most recent expertise and making commonplace resume mistakes are the most popular setbacks on your way to a perfect resume. However, it might be one of the widespread resume myths that spoils the whole thing.

A perfect example of a long-living resume myth is the so-called ‘one-page rule’. Nobody can remember where this rule came from – let alone the fact that it’s wrong. Still, dozens of clients of our resume consultants insist that they need a one-page document. Let’s expose the most common misconceptions associated with resume writing. Read the comments of experts of our company below.

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7 resume myths revealed by the best creative CV maker online

Myth #1. A one-page rule is essential for your resume’s success

Obviously, this rule made sense when people used to change jobs once in ten years or so. But today, with people changing 12 jobs in the course of their career, this rule sounds ridiculous. If you are an experienced professional or a C-suite leader, adding a second page is absolutely reasonable. Even use of the third page can be excused in certain cases, our resume consultant says.

What you do need to orient at as you write is the word count. The optimal number of words is 390 words per page. More typically means that your resume is cluttered and lacks blank space – avoid it at all costs.

The most popular myths

Myth #2. Using the same resume to apply for different jobs is okay

Actually, it’s a way to what they call a ‘resume black hole’ – the frustrating situation when you send out dozens of resumes and don’t get any response. The reality of today’s hiring market is such that non-adapted resumes are tossed by the ATS. This software used by all reputable employers worldwide is set to search for specific qualifications and keywords for a resume.

Sifting through the job listing for keywords and including them on a resume has become a conventional practice these days – and you’d better take this into account if you want to find a new job really fast.

Myth #3. The more skills you include on a resume the better

In attempts to look like a perfect fit for the role, some applicants go to extremes and include every single skill they believe they possess. However, the endless lists of clichés such as “go-getter”, “proactive problem solver” and “team player” only irritate the decision makers and definitely won’t help you make the cut.

What’s the solution? If you are determined to include a section for skills, concentrate the relevant ones. For instance, “Risk mitigation” and “Economic analysis” if you’re a finance manager. Skip the obvious things like “Time management” and “Organized” – that’s a must for every professional. And remember that the best way to brag your skills is to provide specific samples of how you applied it.

Myth #4. Your resume needs to look fancy and creative to get noticed

While a touch of creativity and high-quality formatting can add your resume a few points, an abundance of color and using a rare font can completely destroy your interview chances. Creativity used wrongly is a surefire way to get your CV eliminated from a competition. Moreover, you need to consider the fact that conservative companies might not like unconventional resumes.

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Myth #5. Objective statements still rule

It’s not a breaking news that objective statements are now out of fashion. In 99% cases, they sound absolutely the same in all resumes – so why waste resume space? The only reason that excuses the use of an objective is if you’re a student whose career aspirations and professional development goals aren’t obvious from the previous experience. And even under this circumstance, they need to be written smart and be developed with an employer in mind.

Myth #6. A resume isn’t a PhD thesis and doesn’t need a custom editor US

Not all job-seekers edit their own resumes, and that leads to whopping statistics: over 70% of hiring managers reject resumes due to grammar and punctuation errors. Yes, you’re not in college and a hiring person won’t give you a low grade for poor spelling and grammar. They’ll just reject your application in favor of someone who bothered to put extra effort in crafting their resume.

It’s not necessary to hire an editor by trade (though it would definitely be a plus). Still, do run your resume and letters through a spell checker and have another pair of eyes review it.

Myth #7. Hiring an English CV writing service guarantees you a job

Many people referring to professional resume writers expect a resume that will guarantee them an employment. However, in reality it’s only a scam that can give you such a guarantee. A resume writer has no control over the hiring process and can’t directly affect multiple factors such as hiring manager’s bias, company’s internal processes or the fact that the position might be closed through networking.

What a resume writer can really do is to leverage the HR expertise and strong writing skills to reflect your strengths best and customize the resume for a particular job. However, it’s often enough to make the hiring manager like you.

These are just some of the myths you should stop believing right now if you want to write an effective, impactful resume. And if you succeed at creating a resume that secures you an interview, you’ll also find these tips on picking interview clothes for women helpful.

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