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An experienced resume writer can make a huge difference to your job search. By eliminating all sorts of mistakes, making the content more focused and tailoring your experience towards what the employer is looking for, they help you make a positive impression and get more interview calls. However, once you’ve decided that you want to invest into pro job search document, the problem of finding a good resume creator arises.

If you are busy (who isn’t?), it makes sense to look for a resume writer nearby so that the resume preparation takes less time. You can specifically search for a resume writer NYC whose office is located near your home or office. There’s also an option to order a resume online. Which method is more convenient for you as a job-seeker and how to choose a reliable company? Continue reading to find out.

Need a resume urgently? offers 24-hour delivery for those job-seekers who can’t wait. We staff American resume writers specializing in IT, real estate, finance, government and many other industries. Urgent delivery comes with superior quality of writing – if you’re not satisfied, we’ll revise your resume free of charge.

How to find a local resume services provider?

The demand for career consulting and resume writing assistance continues to grow. Job-seekers realize that a great resume is a must to withstand the severe competition and save their time and nerves on resume writing. So, you’ll easily find a selection of resume companies in your area.

To get started, use websites like Insert your city or zip to browse resume writing professionals and choose the company that matches your requirements. The LinkedIn feature called Profinder allows you to hire a resume writer too. Specify the criteria and your expectations, and the system will connect you with the relevant professionals.

However, in the Internet era it’s easier and more convenient to order a resume online. In this case, you’ll eliminate the geographical restrictions and get the access to the top resume experts across the United States.

The benefits of buying a resume online

➢ It’s convenient – no more traffic jams and inconvenient schedules. Visit the website and place an order at any time it’s convenient to you. The process of placing an order with such companies takes under an hour, and you don’t even have to leave your home to order professional assistance.

➢ More consultants available – the number of resume professionals in your area is limited, whereas the internet opens doors to dozens of perfectly qualified experts. Thus, you can choose a pro based on their experience, fees, and services offered and find a better deal.

➢ It’s more affordable than the offline services – online companies save costs on fancy offices, thus, they typically keep their charges cheaper. As a result, you can get best resume writer services for cheap – some of them cost under $200 or even $100.

➢ It’s faster – the resume writing process typically works as usual, and you can reach out to the writer via phone or chat. Once your resume is ready, you can download it from email and apply for jobs instantly which saves your time.

The process of buying resumes for me online

While the process of purchasing a resume depends on the specific company, it typically involves a few standard steps:

  1. Placing an order
    To get started, you are supposed to fill out an online questionnaire, submit your old resume, or both. At this stage, you choose the deadline and the services you’ll you need (some companies go beyond resume writing and offer career coaching, interview preparation and more).
  2. Keep in touch with your writer
    Some companies will schedule an interview with your writer whereas others don’t think this stage is necessary. One way or another, a good writer will ask questions about your career goals, target positions and clarify the existing information to make the resume efficient.
  3. Receive your resume copy
    Once the writer is done, you’ll get a resume copy to your inbox. Some resume writers also provide free amendments to ensure that the writer had met your expectations. For example, our company offers 2 weeks of free revisions to make sure our clients are satisfied with their new resumes.

When you order online help, collaborating with a resume writer doesn’t take you much time and effort – reach out to the writer when you have a spare minute and get a polished professional resume in a matter of days. So, you won’t miss a yoga class or the football match of your child.

Hesitating about the quality of your resume? Check it for the typical resume errors: Or, send it to us for a free critique via the contact form.

How to choose a resume writer wisely?

A resume writer is the person who can make or break the success of your job-hunting. Don’t risk your all-important career documents and choose the writer carefully to get the best possible resume for your money.

✓ Choose a website that specializes in resume writing only. Many clerical services or college paper writing companies offer resume writing services. However, you don’t want a Jack of all trades who will rewrite your old resume using different words. Resume writers have a solid understanding of resume writing strategies, understand the peculiarities of keywording and know how to highlight your strengths and downplay weaknesses. Writing a resumes is a specific skill, so seek the company that offers career writing only.

✓Seek the initial consultation or a free review. If you want to overcome work routine and start looking for new opportunities, ask the company for a resume review or the phone consultation. All reputable companies offer them, and if they don’t, you are probably dealing with a “resume mill” – a low-end company providing cookie-cutter resumes. During the resume review, the writer will point out at what should be improved about your resume and what strategy they are planning to use.

✓ Do your research. Reputable resume companies typically have the feedback from grateful clients posted online. So, Google for independent reviews, rating and check out what other clients had to say. Take a look at the testimonials and the comments on the company’s social media page. The lack of feedback isn’t necessarily a bad sign – it only means that the company has been around not for a long time. Ask your colleagues and human resource professionals if they can refer you to someone.

✓ Ask for samples. The fastest way to get a sense of the level of resume writing the company provides is to request the samples of their previous work. When choosing a professional resume writer, pay attention to the content, layout, structure, and design. Work with the writer whose samples satisfy you.
Want to work for a company that has state-of-art offices? Check out the companies with the best offices in the US:

✓ The website should look professional. At first sight, there isn’t a direct connection between the website design and the resumes the company produces. However, the development and design of a commercial website is pretty expensive. So, if you see a sleek, modern, pleasantly-looking and easy-to-use websites, it shows that the company has money to invest into great design to attract even more clients. The website should also explain how the process works, the terms of service and prices.
When searching for a new job, ask if the company offers the opportunity for professional development. Check out the advantages of personal development at work for your career.

✓ Choose a fair price. Prices for online resumes range from $100 to $1000. They depend on many factors: location, writer’s experience and credentials, deadline, etc. Contrary to the popular belief, a higher pay doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. For example, the writer might charge you $700 because they offer a cover letter and the interview coaching along with a resume. So, if you don’t need these additional features, look for services that offer a single resume that you need. Also note that a good resume cannot cost $50 – at this fee, you can only get your old resume slightly edited or inserted into a fancy template.

✓ Get a guarantee. Reputable writers cannot guarantee an employment, and if they do, you are dealing with a scam. However, they should provide a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that the process won’t end until you are satisfied. The writer provides you with a first draft, and then revises it based on your expectations and notes. Since the writer doesn’t know you in person, it’s hardly ever possible to create a strong resume at first attempt, so a guarantee is a must.

✓ Ask about writer’s qualifications. The writer with years of experience has a vast array of resume writing principles and strategies under their belt. They know how to market your skills and experience to help your resume get noticed. They also understand the expectations of employers and can highlight that you’re a right fit for the role. Some experts recommend that you work with a certified resume writer. However, the certification isn’t a must, as many great writers work without obtaining it. Ask if the writer has experience writing resumes in your field and how many years they have been working – more is better in this case.

Where can I get my resume professionally done?

Our company meets the highest standards of resume writing. We offer custom, original writing, and will showcase your most notable qualifications and accomplishments to help you beat the competition. We staff experienced resume writers who will take all your directions into account and will work on your resume until you are satisfied. Moreover, you can increase your chances of getting shortlisted by having your LinkedIn page written by a resume pro. Check out the full list of services we offer and make the step towards the job of your dream today.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

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