How Can Career Support Services Help You Achieve Success?


Image courtesy of Navigating your career in today’s competitive environment can be tough. If you have just graduated, are re-entering the workforce, or are pursuing a career change, you probably have more questions than answers. In situations like these, career support centers can share valuable insights and tips to help you achieve your goals. How can career centers help? There is a variety of career centers for different types of job-seekers. Some career ...Continue reading

How to put babysitting on resume?


How to put babysitting on resume?Babysitting is a good part-time job or side hustle. It entails providing care to children, preparing food, supervising homework, and keeping them entertained. Some babysitters assist parents while others take babysitting responsibilities when the mother or father is away. It offers great flexibility - you can work part-time or on an as-needed basis, and study while the child is sleeping.Although seen as an entry-level position, a babysitting job can increase ...Continue reading

How To Update Resume To Get More Interviews?


A comprehensive guide to update resume in 2024: Tips + examples Updating your resume is not an easy task. Simply adding the skills you have learned in the last two years, a couple of accomplishments, and an online course you have completed is not enough to transform your resume into a powerful marketing document. For the best result, you need to update your resume with a target job in mind, emphasizing the exact qualifications that a hiring manager in your industry is ...Continue reading

How To Edit My Resume To Stand Out?


How to edit my resume? 12 tips from a professional resume writer Every job search starts with updating and refining your old resume. You need to remove what's irrelevant, add new amazing accomplishments and skills you've gained, and brush up your resume for a target position. On the flip side, to give your resume a quality update, you need to understand what exactly to pay attention to during the editing process. Otherwise, you'll be at risk of ...Continue reading

How To Start A Formal Email: Professional Examples


How to start a formal email: 11 Greeting and opening line examples Starting a professional email on the right note is essential for effective business communication. When writing a formal business letter in a professional or academic context, you need to follow a certain letter structure. Moreover, it is essential to choose an appropriate formal greeting depending on your relationship with the recipient. A good email greeting and opening sentence can help you reach your professional goals, ...Continue reading

Amazing Resume Words For Leadership


Attention-grabbing resume words for leadership According to a survey by Gallup, 10% of the human population are natural leaders. Another 20% can become strong leaders with the right guidance and appropriate training. If you are a one-of-a-kind leader with a track record of inspiring and managing others, or you want to get hired for your first leadership role, your resume needs to prove that you have the right skills. In this article, we will share leadership words you can use to describe ...Continue reading

Powerful Self-Descriptive Words For Resume


20+ Powerful Self-Descriptive Words For Resume Describing yourself is tricky, especially when you apply for jobs and want to present yourself in the best light. Some people find it difficult to pick the right words to describe themselves persuasively, while others simply do not know what qualities are worth being mentioned. Hiring managers would like to know not only your skills but also your personality, including negative and positive traits. So, it is helpful to add a ...Continue reading

70+ Powerful Resume Words For Experience


The best resume words for experienceProfessional experience is the most important section of your resume. Based on it, a hiring manager evaluates your performance in the past and whether the company will benefit from hiring you.When describing your experience, it is important to use specific examples, be concise and use effective language. Many job-seekers use cliches like responsible for and experienced in, and words like these can spoil the first impression your resume makes. On the flip ...Continue reading

9 Words To Avoid In Resume At All Costs


Top 9 Resume Words To Avoid At All Costs Most hiring managers spend less than 30 seconds reviewing each resume. With such a short time frame, every word counts. If you rely on overused cliches such as team player or go-getter, don't be surprised that you never hear back from recruiters. Such words simply take resume space without communicating anything specific. Also called filler words or weak words, they are best to avoid. They don't explain why hiring managers should ...Continue reading

Good Work Habits That Will Make You Successful


Ten good work habits that you should adopt to succeedOur daily routine and working habits shape our daily life, and eventually determine our professional success. The daily habits we develop define whether we will feel stuck in our jobs or gradually build a successful career. In this article, we are going to share good workplace habits that you should adopt to improve your productivity, achieve fulfillment, and reach professional success.One of the most positive habits for every professional ...Continue reading

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