10 Top Funny LinkedIn Titles


10 Top Funny LinkedIn Titles People on the internet make the first impression about you based on your social media, and this is true for your professional life as well. Recruiters will perceive your professional image based on your LinkedIn profile info, picture, posts you share and comments you leave on other pages and in groups. And since 87% of recruiters hire through LinkedIn, it's not surprising that many candidates go above and beyond trying to catch their attention. However, ...Continue reading

How To Answer "Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?"


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? The interview process is intimidating itself. Although the conversation lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour, the interviewer makes an impression about you within only 7 seconds. And, since out of 250 candidates on average only 4 to 6 get shortlisted, it's not surprising that you want to do everything perfectly. "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" is one of the most popular - and the most irritating - interview questions. Interviewers want to know if ...Continue reading

Should You Use A Fake Resume And What Are The Consequences?


Fake resume: Should you lie on a resume?Resume lies is a frequently debated issue. Many candidates believe that with today's tough competition there's nothing wrong in embellishing facts here and there to get the job. On the flip side, many HR managers warn about negative consequences of using fake resumes. In today's article, we are going to research how exactly people lie on resumes and is it acceptable to submit a resume that isn't 100% true.According to the statistic, a whopping 85% of ...Continue reading

Business Professional Resume Tips & Examples


Business professionals should submit impeccable resumes as the competition is severe. Whether you apply for a position in business management, administration, or analytics, it is important to impress hiring managers in mere seconds. According to the research, 40% of recruiters spend under 1 minute on each resume they receive! Therefore, a business resume you submit should cater to the needs of your target employer while emphasizing your value as a professional.Composing a resume that turns ...Continue reading

Write A Cool Resume That Looks Modern | Professional Tips & Tricks


How to write a cool resume?Recruiters scan hundreds of resumes each day. And most recruiters will admit tossing resumes because of poor design, inconsistent formatting or grammar mistakes. Therefore, in 2021 your resume has to be visually appealing and well-structured to secure you an interview. If you are fascinated by creative resume templates you've seen on the internet and want your resume to look this cool, continue reading. Today, our experienced resume writer will share recommendations ...Continue reading

Build A Designer Resume With A Graphic Design Resume Writing Service


Graphic designers work in advertising, public relations, media and web design industries, creating visual concepts to communicate their client's ideas to a wide audience. This job is considered highly creative, as it allows designers to express their vision and unleash their potential. Graphic designer career is projected to grow 3% by 2030. Although this is slower than the national average, it means that you have an opportunity to build a rewarding career. When drafting a professional ...Continue reading

12 Resume Secrets From A Scientific Resume Writer


Science attracts the most talented, educated and hard-working professionals across many industries. People who have chosen science as their profession have the opportunity to drive their field forward through innovation and research. However, universtity researchers, professional scientists and professionals on entry-level positions all need an effective resume to land the position with the organization they want.Resumes for science and academia jobs have their pecularities and look ...Continue reading

How To Choose A Resume & CV Preparation Service?


In a highly competitive job market, having a well-written resume is essential. Companies get hundreds of resumes in response to jobs, and 40% of hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing each one. This is why job-seekers who wish to find an employment faster turn to resume writing services. Professional resume writing services can help in many other ways. They can polish an inconsistent work history if you changed jobs or industries frequently. Or, they can adapt your old resume for a ...Continue reading

5 Things To Know Before You Hire Resume Writer


Whether you're straight from college or are an accomplished CFO with decades of experience under your belt, a resume writing service can be beneficial for getting you hired. The final result depends a lot on the writer as well as on having the right expectations. In today's article, we are going to reveal how hiring a resume expert can help, how do distinguish a qualified service and what to beware.What is the primary reason to cooperate with a professional resume writer?Resume is a ...Continue reading

How to Write a Resume Header (With Examples)


A header is the shortest section of your resume, and one of the most confusing as well. It serves as a business card that briefly introduces you to a hiring manager. Forgetting to include important contact details or listing unprofessional information may lead to rejecting your application. And, since hiring managers review each application for less than 1 minute, you need to impress them in seconds.In today's article, our professional resume consultants will give you actionable tips on what ...Continue reading

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