Signs You Need Help Writing Resume


The majority of job-seekers believe that ‘there’s no big deal about writing a resume’. Indeed, resume writing seems to be a smooth process as you are fully aware of your own qualifications, competences and strengths. However, when you keep applying for jobs and no visible results, you’ll have to ask yourself: maybe, I am doing something wrong? And here’s when help with resume writing comes into play.

Although resume writing is a relatively simple process, it contains a number of pitfalls and hidden challenges an average job seeker is usually unaware of. So, the expert can detect and fix a number of problems you haven’t thought of as problems. And, even if you’re a fan of DIY approach, there are a number of situations when asking for help writing resume can literally save your career.

You do need a resume help if:

  • You keep applying for jobs but no quality interview calls

Yeah, everyone is aware that the job market is tough and a competition is fierce. Everyone knows that a decent job advertisement gets hundreds of resumes in response. Still, if you are qualified for the job, have the necessary experience and meet other criteria mentioned in a vacancy, you should at least be invited out for an interview. If that doesn’t happen and you have the impression that all the resumes you send end up in a mysterious black hole, the problem might be your resume itself.

It is not a secret that all resumes in middle-sized and big companies pass the automated selection before coming to hands of the hiring manager. That’s why, to ensure the success of your application, you should enrich your resume with a bunch of specific keywords and make the whole document easily recognizable for ATS. Struggle understanding which keywords to use and which formatting to apply to make sure your resume passes? Then, you should find someone who will do this for you. Check also useful words for your interview.

  • You are making a career transition

When you continue career path in the same industry, things are more or less clear for you. You have already changed a few jobs, you know what works in this job market and what doesn’t and you probably also know how to format your resume to get it read. However, things might be totally different when you decide to change your career line. In the other industry, desired personal traits, qualifications and skills are not the same as if you applied for a job in the familiar field. The least of what should be done to your resume is the change of a resume format, adding a powerful objective and overlooking all of your skills. Otherwise, your resume won’t have a chance for consideration.

  • You aren’t good at writing by nature

Although writing is a skill that can be learn, if you work with figures or in some IT industry, it is understandable that you might have a problems putting words together. And this can totally explain the lack of attention to your resume: if you aren’t good at writing, you won’t be able to sell yourself on the paper effectively, however qualified you are. In other words, the biggest thing about a resume is making your achievements and capabilities visually appealing to the reader. The failure to do so results in zero interview calls.

  • You’re not a native English speaker

You can be fluent in English and easily communicate both in written and in speech. Nevertheless, your resume should be flawless and totally error-free, if you really want to get that job. And the awkward phrase or sentence you use in your resume can cost you too much. That’s why, if English isn’t your mother tongue, it’s a wise decision to have a native speaker write or at least proofread it for you. This can be easily arranged here.

  • Your employment history has issues (i.e. job-hopping, unemployment gaps, irrelevant degree, etc.)

The above issues are usually seen by conservative hiring managers as disadvantage and grounding for rejecting the candidate. Thus, you should take care of the similar issues in advance: take the initiative and address these issues in your resume or cover letter to make sure the hiring manager got all of his questions answered. A skilled resume writer knows how to tackle these issues so they won’t look like disadvantages in your career history. Here is how resume problems are usually fixed.

  • You don’t have a clear career direction and strategy

If you change jobs in the same or different fields without being promoted and struggle answering the question “Where do you see yourself in five years?” this is totally about you. When a candidate doesn’t have a clear career direction and progression, hiring managers see it and this make them think you won’t make a determined and reliable employee. If you failed to strategize your resume on your own, it’s time to call for help of a resume writer.

A resume specialist with structure your resume and a cover letter in the way that will explain your career path to a hiring manager and present your diverse experience as a unique blend of skills that are crucial for the role. A professional makeover is able to turn even an average resume into the interesting career story that is exciting to read! In case you have lack of experience, the expert will build your first resume to present you at best.

Is it ethical to have someone write your resume?

Some applicants believe that hiring someone to write a resume is unethical; however, in 2016 this isn’t the case. There are three major reasons for that.

  • First of all, you pay not only for the writing itself, you pay for the writer’s knowledge of principles and practices based on which hiring managers choose candidates. So, to some extent, you pay for promotional and marketing services.
  • Secondly, the writer does not author your resume, as he uses the information about employment and qualifications provided by you. Thus, you are the owner of the document.
  • And, thirdly, resume services are so popular these days that odd is that tens of your competitors have improved their resume with the help of a resume writer. So, the best way to keep your resume up to the standards is to rely on professional help as well!


So, if you found yourself in one of the above cases, this is the sign that it’s time to facilitate your job search. And the best way to do this is to contact our support team and say, “I need help writing my resume”.

Our skilled resume expert can handle almost any sort of resume difficulties a job-seeker might face. So, if your job search process takes a while or you struggle getting interviews, let alone the job offers – let us come to rescue! Don’t waste weeks and months of your precious time trying to fix the situation on your own. The qualified expert can prepare a brand new resume for you as soon as in 24 hours!

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