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When someone says "job search", you probably imagine rewriting your resume, signing up for multiple job boards and trying your luck there. It's definitely the most popular way to find a new employment - but far not the only one. Moreover, because everyone is applying for jobs this way, it has low efficiency rate. If you are planning to make a move in your career but spamming your resume all around the web doesn't seem to bring results or you're not ready to be job-hunting for months, try the following ways. In all of the below, your resume doesn't play a vital role - your creativity and proactivity does. However, it doesn't mean you don't need a resume at all - it has to be up to scratch to be provided on demand. Here are the few tips on how to make your resume modern if you haven't updated it for a while:

Here are the top non-typical ways of job-hunting in any industry, provided by our professional resume writing services. Use one of them or combine the approaches to get visible for even bigger audience:

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My CV Editor: Out-of-box ways of job hunting

 1. Go to company websites directly

If you already have one (or a few) dream employers in mind, you don't need any come-between. Go to company websites directly and apply for jobs there. No open positions for your profile? Most big companies offer you to leave your resume or fill out the form in case they need the specialists in your area in the future. However, don't limit yourself to this. 

If this isn't a big corporation, you might want to try cold calling or inviting their hiring manager for a lunch. You need to be prepared, though, that they will refuse. Never scam the company HR's inbox with your resume unless they've asked you about it. Be optimistic but not over-insisting - or you'll risk getting into a black list and losing the chance of getting a job with them in the future. 

2. Solve a problem

In the modern world of work, it gets less and less important how cool, educated and experienced you are. It only matter if you are capable of solving problems - your employer's or client's problems. If you can and will demonstrate it, it can open doors for you and bring new opportunities you haven't even dreamt of. 

What does it mean? If you are a writer/online editor CV, you can indicate the errors or typos on the company website and offer to proofread or rewrite the lending page. If you are an accountant, try analyzing the annual statements and point out at the possible strategic opportunities. If marketing is your bread and butter, suggest the improvements of the current promotional strategy. You can use cover letter for all of the above (see more tips on how to make your cover letter stellar: However, to ensure your message is to hand, it's better to address the company representative directly. 

3. Use the power of networking

How come that someone gets cool jobs while the others spend months unemployed and finally get the job which doesn't fully reflect their ambitions? The answer is simple - the first group knows the right people. 

It's through networking that you can find about the opportunities which are never advertised online. Many popular companies prefer not to hire the outside people, and look for candidates only within their professional network. So, use this to your advantage! Connect to your friends, alumni, past co-workers and even neighbors. Even if they can't recommend you to someone, they probably know people who do. 

Expand your professional connections both through attending professional meetings, joining affiliations and online using LinkedIn (be sure you’ve done some CV editing online in case the right opportunity arises). As soon as you get to know more people, the number of opportunities for you will tremendously grow. 

4. Make Google AdWords work to your advantage

Many of us already use social media pages to spread the word about their job-hunting and find new opportunities through hashtag searches. Moreover, CV editing services say it makes sense to go further than that. For example, you can sign up for Google AdWords and post an ad about yourself with the link to your resume and portfolio. 

This approach, however, requires a strategy and a long preliminary research. You need to know the companies or specific people your ad will be shown to. One of the job-seekers assumed that  executives probably Google themselves, so he bought the top spot for several names he knew. This resulted in a lucrative job offer. So, if you know what you want, this tactics can bring excellent results. 

5. Pay to a recruitment agency

If you feel your job search might need some professional assistance, consider using the services of a recruitment agency. Such agencies typically have a wide network of connections so they obviously have more opportunities to find you a job than if you did it by yourself. Moreover, some of the major employers only hire through recruitment agencies. Their compensation is usually based upon commission as soon as you’re hired, so you’ll definitely get results.

However, these aren’t the only ways a recruitment agency can assist. If you need help with career strategy, positioning yourself in the labor market or even need to edit CV online – they often assist with likewise issues.

6. Use the power of QR codes

Quick response codes are the type of bar codes that tech savvy users can scan with their smartphones to access the variety of content online. These codes can be put literally everywhere, from resumes, business cards or print ads  to other surfaces such as sandwich boards or sidewalks. It is the great way to give the interested entities the access to your resume when you aren’t there. By scanning the code, a hiring manager can visit your LinkedIn page, professional blog, video resume or online portfolio.

The advantage of this method is that you can advertise your skills in unusual places, such as coffee shop or simply in the street and they can access what you have to offer at a glance. The disadvantage, though, is that some conservative managers might consider it overboard.

7. Do the temporary job

Landing a new employment takes a while. In fact, if you’ve resigned from the previous job, it can take you months to get hired again. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of this time and get closer to the job of your dream.

Many major companies offer the opportunities for part-time jobs or internships. Although this type of job usually pays less, it can evolve into a full-time employment if you prove your professionalism. Temporary/contract job will also enrich you with valuable contacts in the industry. Thus, if you’re unemployed, this is an excellent opportunity to make extra money and try making a big move in your career.

8. Promote yourself via a large print ad

One of the most bizarre ways to get hiring managers interested in you is to print the ad promoting your candidacy or services somewhere out in the city, i.e. on billboards, banners, posters, etc. Such kind of self-advertising usually includes a photo, a few lines indicating what you do, your motto or slogan, contact information and call to action.

This type of job-hunting is totally different from traditional application process – at least, you won’t have to think hard about how to use punctuation in resume. However, not every industry will tolerate this kind of self-promotion. If the prospective job assumes heavy contact with customers or public, such unusual kind of job hunting will be even welcomed.

9. To be continued…

You can utilize your imagination to think of innovative ways to hunt jobs. Don’t overdo with creativity, though – the truly odd ways aren’t for every industry.


Most candidates look pretty much the same on paper. Moreover, if your resume or online profile wasn’t targeted professionally, it will be even harder to identify your major strengths and what differentiates you from the rest, as well as choose the ideal resume length. If you’ve been looking for a job for a pretty long time with little response rate and are ready to let your creative juices flowing,  try one of the below ways to get noticed in the busy world of work. These out-of-box methods will be especially beneficial for those in consulting, marketing, design and a plenty of other creative jobs.

Letting your resume lag behind is a bad idea, though. Despite the fact that the above ways don’t imply a traditional application method, you need to have your resume up-to-dated and at hand if someone wants to learn more about your credentials and areas of professionalism. If your resume isn’t up to scratch, use valuable resume advice to revamp it or contact a seasoned resume writing professional. Our company staffs a number of experienced writers who can get your resume done up to the highest standard – and the fee will pleasantly surprise you.

Have you ever incorporated one of the creative ways to find a new job?

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To get more responses from recruiters, make your resume flawless first. No traditional or creative ways of job-hunting will work for you if your resume looks like everyone else’s and is full of mistakes.

So, how do you strengthen your CV quickly? Here are a few simple yet effective CV proofreading tips from Resumeperk com that will make a lot of difference:

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  2. Make sure your order of sections is correct
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  3. Pick the correct resume length
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  4. Use relevant keywords
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  5. Work on writing style
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  6. Apply an attractive and consistent formatting
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Want a perfect result? Use CV editing services

Unfortunately, if you don’t work with text on a daily basis, it’s a pretty tough task to give your own CV a quality edit. Our experienced CV editor is always there to make your CV perfect in all regards and help you stand out from the competition.

Our experienced writers can create a powerful resume suitable for each position. However, you may also request a specific resume depending on the job you are applying for, thus it will be tailored individually for your profession:

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